Non Slip Rug Holds / Rug Underlay

It is very important in this litigious world to make sure your rugs don't slip and cause accidents, especially if you have highly polished floors. Therefore Ronas Rugs & Carpet professional team recommend you use Foxi Underlay which we believe to be the best. 

FOXI UNDERLAY - For rugs of all sizes & runners on top of fitted carpets and small rugs on smooth floors (tiles, laminate, etc) we recommend Foxi Super Plus.  It's a bit more expensive than most underlays but you've probably tried the cheap stuff and it didn't work - now try the best.  Guaranteed to work or your money back!

If your rug slips, rucks, is wavy, has folds, or goes out of shape, we have the solution: Foxi.

No more tripping over the loose corners of rugs, for both you and your pets. This trusty underlay holds down rugs and protects your floor with its special grip for use on both carpets and wooden floors.

These are the golden rules for better use and a longer life for your rug thanks to Foxi.

  • On smooth floors, lay Foxi face down and put your rug on the white surface.
  • On carpets, lay the white side down and put your rug on the fox face.
  • Always lay Foxi less than the rug sizes: up to 7.5cm (3”) on heavier rugs and up to 5cm on lighter rugs.
  • For best results using Foxi, make sure your floor or carpet is clean.
  • Once down, avoid moving Foxi. The more often Foxi is moved, the more it attracts dust and other particles, thus making it less effective.
  • When cleaning your rug, do not vacuum the Foxi.
  • When washing floors, ensure the surface is dry before replacing Foxi.
  • Very large rugs may require more than one piece of underlay. Simply place the pieces side by side, no taping is necessary. Can be cut to size with scissors.
  • Foxi has been created to avoid movement on carpet and slipping on smooth floors.
  • Possible yellowing of Foxi – mainly due to sunlight – will not diminish its efficiency.
  • Foxi gives exceptional comfort under rugs thanks to its needle punch fleece of new fibers and its soft thickness of 5/6mm.
  • Foxi contributes to the longevity of rugs, preventing premature wear.

Interest-Free Credit: If you buy this product in our shops, it's eligible for Interest-Free Credit, which is available when you spend £1000 or more on selected home products. Terms and conditions apply: find out more




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